Boundary Setting Bootcamp

You can change how you think, feel, and respond to every single one of these any many other issues that come up, and become much more empowered and in charge of yourself and your life when you have clear and HEALTHY boundaries.

Boundary Setting Bootcamp is an in-depth and effective 6-session course that is going to teach you exactly what you need to know about having healthy boundaries so you can:

  • STOP: Feeling angry, resentful, and frustrated with others for overwhelming you with their problems, demands, requests and needs. 
  • RECOGNIZE: What your wants, needs and preferences really are and be able to communicate them in a healthy and effective way.
  • SEE: Where your boundaries are BEFORE they are crossed and things (aka, you) start to fall apart.
  • SHARE: What your needs are without feeling selfish.
  • SAY: No without feeling guilty and YES without feeling forced to.
  • FEEL: More confident, at ease, and empowered within yourself and your ability to show up authentically in your life and in your relationships. 

Course Syllabus

Boundary Setting Bootcamp

*SIX* In-depth, detailed and comprehensive modules teaching all of the tools, techniques, strategies and mindset shifts needed to have healthy boundaries. Module 1: Intentions & Awareness of Boundaries Module 2: Clear on What’s Important Module 3: Okay and What’s Not Okay When It Comes to Boundaries Module 4: Myths and Truths Module 5: Down to the Nitty Gritty Module 6: of Boundaries and Seeing How Much You’ve Changed Through This Course

The Bonuses

Feel Good About Food: A training course on how to start having a healthy relationship with food that you feel really good about. The Only Kind of Courage You Need: Julia’s key address at the Magnificent You 2016 Women’s Conference.


Doing Boundary Setting Bootcamp with Julia was life changing! Before working with her I was always feeling guilty and pressured to please everyone around me. Julia showed me that I am allowed to set boundaries if and when I see fit, and that I am enough and can have a stronger sense of self-worth when I allow myself do. Julia is a great listener, communicator, and educator. She gives you actionable steps that lead to results! Thanks again for the amazing course! It was truly eye opening and I am forever changed! — Zee N.,
Julia brings her thoughtful and approachable personality to her courses. The course design is interactive, informative, VERY useful, and practical. There’s a great balance between teaching and empowering. Boundary Setting Bootcamp will give you the powerful core shifts you need to change your life long term, rather than a non-lasting quick fix for the symptoms. — Simone S.,
I learn something every time I hear Julia speak, and that was absolutely true in this course. I learned so many insights and important truths through this course that have changed the way I see myself, my life, and my relationships. Julia uses excellent word-pictures to convey her ideas, and then follows up with a simple phrase that captures the essence of that message. I would recommend this course without a second thought. — Terry C.,
I was really excited when I signed up to do Julia’s program because I thought working with Julia I was going to learn some good ways to say “No” – I had no idea this course was going to change my life. — Elizabeth N.,